Quick Feijoada Empanadas (Pastel de Feijoada)

Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with BUSH’S Cocina Latina™ and Latina Bloggers Connect.  As always, all the opinions expressed here are honest and my own.  Do you love beans?  How about empanadas?  Since I am craaaazy for both, I decided to combine two favorites of mine in one single dish: Quick Feijoada Empanadas or Pastel […]

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Quick Panettone Shortcake (Bolo de Panetone)

Hello, good boys and girls! What do you think about our semi-homemade, quick panettone shortcake? For the most part it just requires assembling, but the result is so stunning that anyone might think that it took a lot of effort to make. That is the beauty of the dish!  You don’t have to slave in the kitchen or spend a lot […]

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15 Inexpensive Christmas Food Gifts

Ho, Ho, Ho… As I promised in our last post, Peppermint Snowflake Bark & 10 Holiday Money Saving Tips, I have prepared a useful list of 15 Inexpensive Christmas Food Gifts especially for those of you who are on Santa’s list of good boys and girls. Most of our Christmas food gifts are homemade and easy to prepare, letting […]

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Peppermint Snowflake Bark & 10 Holiday Money Saving Tips

Disclaimer: I have NOT being compensated for writing this article. All the opinions expressed are my own and based on my own experience as a shopper and saver. Hello, y’all!  It’s that time of the year again– Christmas season. Are you on a budget, like me?  Well, fear not. We have prepared a very useful […]

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10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Hello, y’all!!  I am so excited… We will be celebrating Thanksgiving just a few days from now!!!  For this year, I have created a list with 10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes to simplify our lives so we can spend most of our time on the main dish, the turkey — or out of the kitchen!!! Yes, some of you will […]

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Easy Mashed Pumpkin (Purê de Abóbora)

Howdy! Thanksgiving is knocking at the door… Soon, many of us will be preparing starters, turkeys, side dishes, and desserts… and of course, welcoming family and friends into our homes from different parts of the country, right?  Well, it is always great to have in hand a few simple recipes that allow us to spend more time […]

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Pumpkin Pie Flan (Pudim de Abóbora)

It’s time for a worldwide dessert: the timeless, creamy, smooth flan or pudim. Since pumpkins are in season, and Thanksgiving is fast approaching, today we’ll be preparing a scrumptious Pumpkin Pie Flan, known in Brazil as Pudim de Abóbora. Is your mouth watering yet?  Well, mine is– big time!!!! I get super excited just thinking about this pumpkin pie flan. […]

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Mussel, Chorizo, and White Bean Stew

Disclaimer: This is a “Sponsored Post – Fiji Water – Perfection Takes Time” in collaboration with Honest Cooking. Howdy!  How is your day going?  I know that so many of us, myself included, live a fast-paced routine– a race against the clock…. However, I find it refreshing to stop sometimes, let myself catch a breath, and prepare something to make myself happy.  That is why today […]

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