Spicy Tomato Soup Shots with Mini Grilled Cheese

Spicy Tomato Soup Shots with Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Hunt’s Tomato Sauce and Latina Bloggers Connect. As a Latina, I enjoy cooking with fresh, natural, and quality ingredients — just like my Mom and grandmas.  These Spicy Tomato Soup Shots with Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches– cooked with Hunt’s® Tomato Sauce and Kraft® Parmesan Cheese — […]

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Creepy Jello Cups

Creepy Jello Cups

Halloween has arrived early at FBTY.  Although I didn’t grow up celebrating this fun event, as an adult I have often dressed up in costumes and gone trick-or-treating with my daughters, who enjoy this celebration a lot. This year we are sharing a quick, ridiculously easy, and fun “recipe”: Creepy Jello Cups!!!  They are something that one can prepare […]

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How to Cook Skirt Steak

How to Cook Skirt Steak (4 Quick Steps) and a GIVEAWAY

Skirt steak (fraldinha in Portuguese) is an inexpensive yet versatile cut of beef — perfect for fajitas, philly cheesesteak, pizzas and flatbreads, sandwiches, tacos, Chinese stir-fry, churrasco, and many more dishes.  Despite its wonders, skirt steak can be a fairly tough cut of meat since it comes from the plate beef cut, and represents a boneless portion […]

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Olho de Sogra (Mother-in-Law's Eye)

Olho de Sogra (Mother-in-Law’s Eye)

Don’t freak out… No, these are not my/your mother-in-law’s eyes (olho de sogra, OHL-yoo dee SOH-grah in Portuguese)… I mean, at least not literally! These are Brazilian bonbons consisting of BEIJINHOS (coconut kisses) nestled inside a dried plum (prune), and then rolled in granulated sugar.  The name is due to the shape of the candy, which is reminiscent of an eye. I would […]

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