Brazilian Fried Chicken Bites (Frango a Passarinho)

What is going to be celebrated in Brazil from the 5th to 10th of this month? Carnival!!! What are we all going to be watching in the U.S. soon?  The Super Bowl! With two important events on the way, Brazilian fried chicken bites are the ideal appetizer for letting you eat well while having lots of fun. Translated literally as ‘little […]

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Cheddar filled Brazilian Cheese Rolls

As my fond memories of Brazil grow, so does my appetite for all Brazilian snacks and treats. Brazilian cheese rolls happen to be a real favorite of mine. The last time I passed through Rio, I had some filled with cheese — as well as other types of fillings.  As nostalgia was calling me homeward through food, I […]

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10 Cocktails for New Year’s

“Goodbye old year…Happy New Year… May everything come true in the year that is about to arise– lots of money in your pocket, plenty of health to spare.” That is what an old Brazilian song says… and exactly what I wish for each one of you!  Nothing better to say good-bye to the year that is about to […]

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Chocolate Truffle filled Doughnut Holes (Bolinho de Chuva com Chocolate)

Brazilian Chocolate Truffle filled Doughnut Holes (Bolinho de Chuva com Chocolate) are some of the easiest and most versatile sweet bites that you can ever prepare… That’s right! You can have them for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or as holiday dessert. These doughnut holes have a dense cake-like texture inside, and are golden and crunchy outside. […]

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Cookies-and-cream-dutch-tart, torta-holandesa-com-oreos

Cookies and Cream Dutch Tart (Torta Holandesa com Oreos)

Oreos cookies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ganache…. Yummm! Believe or not, this is the formula for one of the easiest yet most scrumptious BRAZILIAN desserts ever: Torta Holandesa com Oreos — which I so enthusiastically named Cookies and Cream Dutch Tart. Confused? Don’t be! Despite the DUTCH word included in its name, this treat is actually […]

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Brazilian-french-toast, Portuguese-French-toast, rabanada, fatia-dourada, fatia-parida

Brazilian French Toast (Rabanada) — Not Your Average Toast!

Christmas is truly the best time of the year! At my Grandma’s house and many other Brazilian households that means it is time for rabanada(s), fatia dourada, or fatia parida. Huh???  I mean, it’s time for Brazilian French Toast, accompanied by a good cup of coffee. What’s so special about that?  Well, it’s small and thick, round […]

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