Bacalhau a Zé do Pipo (Codfish Shepherd’s Pie)

Traditional codfish dishes such as Bacalhau a Zé do Pipo or Codfish Shepherd’s Pie, as well as chocolate treats, are must-haves at any Brazilian table on Easter… Why is that? Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world, which observes Lent for about 6 weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  One abstains from eating meat as a […]

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How to Make the Best Requeijão Cremoso (Brazilian Cream Cheese Spread)

Requeijão Cremoso… Yummmm!  Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.  If you’ve never given it a taste, you’ve just got to try it. Ah, requeijao! But first one must put aside any preconceived notions. Requeijão cremoso or Brazilian Cream Cheese Spread is not the same thing as American cream cheese. Both are milk-derived products, […]

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The Best Ever Upside Down Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love bananas?  I am just crazy for bananas and many other tropical fruits, as you already know.  What’s more, from fruit salads to desserts, bananas also deliver, big time.  A great example is this scrumptious, caramelized upside down banana bread — a recipe adapted from Dessert Before Dinner, the blog that I have been assigned to for […]

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Useful List of Brazilian Food Products with their American Substitutes

A Useful List of Brazilian Food Products with their American Substitutes is finally here, which hopefully will make life easier for many!!! Friends, bloggers, and followers all frequently ask me which American product would be a suitable substitute for a particular Brazilian product — since some items are not readily found at local American supermarkets. I used to […]

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Brazilian Lemon Meringue Cupcakes…Welcome Spring!

When life gives me lemons… I make cupcakes!!! Yes, precisely: Brazilian-Style Lemon Meringue Cupcakes!!!  Say what? Do I hear you asking, “How are these cupcakes different from American lemon meringue cupcakes?”… Well, these Brazilian lemon meringue cupcakes are inspired by our torta de limão (or Brazilian lemon meringue pie), which consistes of a cookie crust, […]

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Paçoca Ice Cream with Fried Bananas and Chocolate Sauce for The Latin Kitchen

Paçoca Ice Cream topped with Fried Bananas and drizzled with a luscious Chocolate Sauce is what I have for you today… Huh? Paçoca is a Southeastern Brazilian candy made from ground peanuts and sugar.  Don’t worry!  If you don’t have access to pre-packaged paçoca (peanut candy), you still can make this super duper delicious ice […]

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Brazil’s Top 3 Carnivals

Five-day, massive party? This is carnival in my home country, Brazil. If you are going there to celebrate carnival, pack summer clothing and perhaps a fun costume, and be prepared to dance until you drop. If you can’t be there in person, at least take a voyage through these pictures! With many destinations to choose […]

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